15 thoughts on “Fight!

      • you’re welcome….and have to add another comment – I like how the two pieces in “fight” go together. I am not sure of your reasoning- or what you intended – but here is my take. In the first picture (fight 1) -I love the wave through the middle – it shows the energy and intensity in the air – and the hand wrapped around it is just cool. Also, you seemed to portray a messy fight (vs. the smooth feel of fight 2) – and in fight 1 – your use of blue(in that cool sgraffitto style) for the hair, but also the blue to show the “hits” -or where the fighters made contact – it is striking (no pun intended). But each whisky blue area suggests the hit – and this would be a good piece for talking to teens about the potential serious injury that can occur during fights. Anyhow, in fight 1, the placement of three figures also adds to the intrigue – we have the figure to the main left – with the most blue and then – the figure to the right with that extra large hand – wow – who is also standing on the wave in the center (curious as to what that means)- and then only later did I notice the figure at the bottom/front. Either way, in fight 1, you can feel the ACTION, the intensity, and even the tension and pain and angst that comes with a fight.

        Now contrast this to fight 2 – and maybe you had this as a sequel – like to announce a winner. But in my view, I saw fight 2 as the “art” of fighting – maybe even a martial arts kick or something strong, controlled and powerfully balanced.

        Together – the dyad can be used to show the two different sides of fighting…

        Okay, just my opinion, and again, love your use of color!

      • I am really impressed, how much time and efford you took to give me some feedback to my paintings. Actually, you are the first one to do so.
        I’d like to thank you very much for your commentary!
        It is really interesting to learn about your interpretation.

      • Would you mind if I posted the “fight” pictures on my blog….of course I will link your blog – but I wanted to maybe write about this kid we helped and share a bit of his story…. and your paintings would go perfect with the post….

  1. Great! Here are some substantial comments!
    Indeed; interesting thoughts of Y.Prior.
    I don’t agree to all his words, but what I really like is that he says:
    “…2 as the “art” of fighting…”
    It’s true! Your pictures are totally different.
    Picture 1 shows a conflict or relation between to two characters.
    Picture 2 shows a personal “conflict”

    before I start writing a book here I try to keep it simple and just say:
    Picture Two is really funny. (Beside all other more intellectual aspects.)

    • It would have been quite interesting, which kind of themes you would have found or seen in the paintings, if I wouldn’t have named them.
      Thats one of the reasons I often chose not to name them.
      Anyway, I am really happy that you took the time for some thoughts about it!
      Thanks a lot!

      • Especially the second picture caught me.
        Normally I am no fan of abstract works. Since they often tend to say nothing, tell no story, don’t create this substantial feeling of real emotions. But that is different within your works. There is not only a form. It appears to me as if your pictures transport some kind of “content” … That is what I appreciate!

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