Der Zufall im Schicksal



7 thoughts on “Der Zufall im Schicksal

  1. I love a lot of the lighter hues you use here – wow – a bit different from your other work! A few of the hues almost look pastel in a few places – or have that washed over look – very beautiful piece.

    and I think the title translated is “The coincidence in fate” – hmmm…good title!

    and going with that title, here is what the painting feels like to me. It almost seems like those red swirly areas – to the right and center – well maybe this is the person doing their thing in life – their effort and plans – – but then the rest of the painting – with its strong shapes and nice variety of color, lines, and interest – well it may show how fate comes in and has its way (and then coincidence happens amidst all that integration of what we do vs. what happens).

    beautiful piece!

    • thank you Yvette!
      I really enjoy that you put so much time and effort in your answers! 🙂

      Your translations of the titles are very good.
      I am happy that my paintings are able to deliver such a variety of thoughts and feelings to you!

      Wish you a good start into the new year!

      • THANKS!!! 🙂 and I was just wondering if maybe I wrote too much – so I am glad that it is welcome. I just love art – and I really love your work. I have no idea as to how I have found your blog, but I am quite glad I did. Peace and Happy new year – may it truly be a creative one!

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