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  1. I was wondering what the title for this piece was. Hmmmm
    not sure if you have one, but I
    Well I like the three vertical yellow “lines” coming down – they are centered so perfectly – and each line (if that is what we can call these organic vertices) well each one also has a circular section of yellow near the top of the composition. This adds to the balanced, unify piece of this strong picture. The yellow is placed on top of all that deep red, deep pink, and black array of a background – but the yellow is also moving – almost downward – and the one to the right is coming outward – almost reaching out to the viewer and inviting us in – nice.

    And believe or not, when I first saw this painting – it felt like Hawaii waterfalls to me – I actually have a picture of a waterfall from an island and the water falls like the yellow does here – and the mountainous background is similar to your layered, jaggedy type of details in your backdrop.

    Lastly, if I was using this to teach about art (even though I am not doing that for a while) well this piece would be a nice example to show kids about math in art – because the “three” yellow vertical shapes are nicely spaced and this organic piece has slight geometrics to it – bueno to beasty art!

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