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  1. wow – this is a bit different from your other recent works (esp. with color choice)

    I really like the grid work you did with the brown – it contrasts nicely with the soft white “clouds” – and then the duality feel you created with the top and bottom – hmmmm

    and looks like the textures are a rich part of this piece -I almost wish I could see this one close up and in person so I could feel more of what you did with the texture here -.

    so does this piece have a name? Or a story? Oh please do tell if there is some info to go with it! ­čÖé

    • First of all thank you for your comment.
      I took my inspiration for the coloring from the paper clips… ­čÖé
      At the moment I try to experiment with different choices of color.
      Apart from that I try to experiment more wirh everything…
      The painting has no name so far.
      How would you name it?

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