Es ist immer mehr

Es Ist Immer Mehr


4 thoughts on “Es ist immer mehr

  1. The first thing that caught my eye first in this painting was the ARCH (or I call it an almost semi-circle)! The arch loops you in – and it is a bit larger than a true semi-circle – which softens the feel (less precise geometrically) but the arch itself is precise, and strong, and smooth – and it is painted in like a swoosh. It reminds me of the kick motion from one of your “fight” pieces – and I can almost see the foot that swooshed down to make the motion of this almost circle.

    But there is no foot here – and the way that you placed the arch in the forefront of the painting is done in a way where it works with the rest of the shapes and items. There are the two dark verticals in the upper right – and two similar verticals – but in yellow – in the upper left – but those are underneath what could be the shape of someone – not sure. Is it a green shape of a head and shoulders – and is the bottom right a shape of red head and shoulder and left arm….. well i see two figures – in opposite sides of the picture – and maybe it means “there is always more” to do – to ten to in the hustle of life???? 😉

    But all that – the semi-circle, then the verticals, and the possible shape/figures – well it brings you to that hint of blue in the textured circle (left center) that has just the right amount of blue with black and green beneath….it touches and also works well with the larger arch (or semi-circle) – and then (for me at leafs) after taking all this in – we are able to enjoy the design element of the backdrop – the yellow pathways – scraffito – and brush lines(?)

    sehr interessant!!

      • take your time – and that is the nice thing about art and reflecting on art – there is not rush…. right? and thanks for letting me use your other painting for my 100th post! 🙂

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