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  1. when I first saw this painting in my wordpress reader, I thought – wow…. “Beasty Art met Piet Mondrian” because this piece has a Mondrian feel to it in two big ways.

    First, in his early work he made this tree and this reminds me of that piece – and then while he was in New York – well he made all those grids to reflect the streets of New York (check out the art piece “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” to see what I mean – well – you may already know of that piece, but just in case… 😉 ) and well– that was what I thought – at first.

    Then… I came to see the painting up close on your blog and I still feel that touch of Mondrian – but also noticed all that color maroon. The warmth of this maroon-ish, deep red color (?) anchors the piece and takes the eye from the bottom – to the upper right – and then to the upper left – to where we enjoy that vertical scratched-blue section and hints of pale pink….and light greens…

    the energy of the piece also almost feels like it “reads” as the colors darken a bit as you move from left to right –
    I wonder what the name of this piece is – ?

    very rich painting!

    • Thank you for your comments and sorry that you had to wait so long for an answer.
      You were right with your translation of “Es ist immer mehr”. But I meant it more in the sense of there is always more around and not there is always more to do…
      The last painting has no title.
      I did not think of Piet Mondrian myself, but it is interesting that you had the association 🙂

      By the way, what are your favourite artists?


      • Thanks for the comment. And hope my improper translation was not offensive. 🙂 It is always risky commenting on art – and even mores when there is a language translation – and so please tell me if you want me to “NOT” comment. 🙂

        and I really do not have any favorite artists per se, and I usually like certain pieces or certain phases an artist may have while making different works. and as you know, I really like YOUR work.


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