Why to mask is to demask

Since a couple of days I am working on new masks.

Masks have been a part of my artistic life for a long time.
I studied drama therapy in the Netherlands and wrote my Bachelor thesis about working with masks in a therapeutic environment.

Basically I was able to reinforce my thesis „To mask is to demask“.
Masks give us the opportunity to show fractions of our personality, which we would – for various reasons – suppress otherwise.
How is this possible?
A mask conceals a persons mimic expressions, thus they have to rely on their body language more.
This motivates the masked person to open up to their bodily instincts and make room to creatively process their unconscious feelings and ambitions.

It can be amazingly fun to experiment on stage (a „safe space“) without fear of consequences. You can let your imagination run wild and learn a lot about yourself while you’re at it.

But lets stop talking about the therapeutic use of masks for now.
I currently create a batch of masks to expand a topic I have been working on during the year and which is about: Structures, collapse and cracks, ruins and debris.

Here is a glimpse of the creation process:

When they are done, I will post some more pics and I actually have an idea for an photo series, so stay tuned until then! 😉



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