Rundgang Universität der Künste Berlin

Hey Berlinas,
vom 20. – 22. Juli findet der “Rundgang” – Tage der offenen Tür – der Universität der Künste statt!

Ich studiere dort “Bildende Kunst” und zeige einige Arbeiten im Raum 136 der Fakultät Bildende Kunst in der Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin.
Fr., 20. Juli 13 – 22 Uhr
Sa., 21. Juli 11 – 22 Uhr
So., 22. Juli 11 – 20 Uhr

Kommt rum! 🙂

UNDISPLAY – was ist bloß?


I want to invite you to my next group exhibition as part of 48 Stunden Neukölln 🙂
We will be happy about everyone who will come!

Here are the dates:

friday, 22.06.2018
opening at 19.00
saturday, 23.06.2018
12.00  – 22.30
sunday, 24.06.2018
12.00 – 18.00

Neuköllner Leuchtturm
Emser Str. 117
12051 Berlin

Louisa Boeszoermeny
Miriam Döring
Lou Hampel
Kaddi Hemmerling
Andrea Wilmsen

Was werden soll

“Aber heute weiß ich nicht mehr, was ich eigentlich will und wünsche. Früher war alles einfach, so einfach wie die Buchstaben in einem Lesebuch. Jetzt ist nichts mehr einfach, nicht einmal mehr die Buchstaben. Alles hat viele Bedeutungen und Gesichter bekommen. Ich weiß nicht, was aus mir werden soll, ich kann jetzt nicht an solche Sachen denken.”
– Hermann Hesse, Narziß und Goldmund

Berlin meets Los Angeles

Yesterday I was at a vernissage of the Berlin based artist Andrea Wilmsen at “Internationaler Club” in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin.
I know Andrea from a group exhibition we did together at the “48 Stunden Neukölln” art festival in Berlin.

“Berlin meets Los Angeles” is showing a series of photographs by Andrea that she made in both cities during a period of 2 years.

“Berlin Meets Los Angeles offers no glamour shots and consciously avoids perpetuating stereotypes, which are often attributed to both cities. Andrea Wilmsen directs her attention to hidden corners of both metropoles, which show similarities in their expansion, by the absence of a real city center, and the variety of as yet undefined spaces. Both cities stand out more by its charisma than by their beauty and attract “outsiders” from all over the world, in search of freedom and self-realization, often far from their roots.
This vaguely undefined, open space is what Andrea Wilmsen is interested in. The constant change, the unfinished and often imperfect character, which both cities embody for her. What just recently seemed inseparable from the cityscape has already disappeared again, or exists now in a different context. The focus is less on what has happened in these cities than on a vision of what might happen. Suggestion, rather than logic, guides the course through this exhibition.
The photographs are interwoven by personal statements of artists who work in both cities and have been interviewed by Wilmsen during the two-year period of the elaboration of her project.”

The exhibition will be open until 17th of January 2018.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kurstraße 36, 10117 Berlin

Artist website: