“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

I am extremly motivated to do more hard work in 2017 on my art than ever before… because I know that there is nothing -NOTHING- that I love more than creating art and to reach my goals I have to invest all my energy in it…

Wish you all much motivation and inspiration too!
We can do it! 😉

Hugs and love from Berlin!



“Bin ich auch nicht besser, so bin ich doch anders.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
(1712 – 1778), Genfer Schriftsteller, Philosoph und Pädagoge; wichtiger Wegbereiter der Französischen Revolution

Teufelsberg Berlin

A few days ago I went – finally! – on a trip to the old Teufelsberg listening post!

It was fun to look at the great graffiti art from different artists and I got inspired by the special atmosphere there.

Also I made contact to Vincent Schulz, an artist who is working up there and trying putting up a cultural programm, if you are interested contact via webside